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There's only so much I can do in here and I'm an Aries. So the idea of TV — it's not really my thing, but fuck, yeah, sure, I'll do it. If someone said I'm supposed to own a shoe store, or open a restaurant, I'd welcome that as well.

Perry has penned massive hits for Pink, Christina Aguilera and James Blunt and recently made headlines for a major diss of Katy Perry, with whom she shares a surname.

Perry then wrote the band's huge 1993 hit, "What's Up?

," which has been a staple of karaoke nights and one-hit wonder shows for the last 20 years. " ran out and Perry was near broke, she got a call from the then-unknown Pink — and it just so happened that Perry had recently written "Get the Party Started." In the last decade-plus, she's become one of the music industry's most influential rock songwriters and producers, writing songs for everyone from Christina Aguilera, Adam Lambert, and Gwen Stefani to Alicia Keys and KT Tunstall — particularly noteworthy in an industry where female songwriters are common but producers are rare.

I go online and it's on like CNN, and I'm flattered and I can't believe that anyone cares." "As I'm developing a relationship with you guys [to her co-hosts], the audience, I do want to share stuff with you guys but kind of would rather do it on my terms, I guess, in full hair and makeup," Gilbert joked.

Earlier this year, Gilbert ended her relationship with television producer Allison Adler after 10 years.

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